Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century

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Project Team

Additional Research supplied by

  • Prof. John Cairns, Civil Law, University of Edinburgh.
  • Mrs. Audrey Dewjee, Independent Historian.
  • Mr. Laurence Westgaph.
  • Mr. John Levin.
  • Mr. Tony Berrett, who supplied many additional adverts.

Technical Support

  • Dr Luca Guariento, Research Systems Developer, College of Arts
  • Mr. Anthony King, Independent.
  • Mr. Graeme Cannon, Research Support Coordinator, Information Studies, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow. [retired]


    The project has been funded by a Research Project Grant awarded by the Leverhulme Trust. Additional support has been provided by an Impact Acceleration Grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (for the graphic novel Freedom Bound), and by the College of Arts of the University of Glasgow.

Special Thanks

  • John Cairns - for his inspiration and initial research on runaway enslaved in Scotland.
  • Audrey Dewjee - for collaborating with Nelson and providing access to her additional research from more than 40 years of personal research as an excellent independent historian.
  • Moyo and Morayo Akandé - for their inspiration and encouragement into the film industry.
  • Graeme Cannon - for his continued support, advice and patience with all things technical.
  • Marenka Thompson-Odlum - for her advice and insight into various aspects of the sub-projects.
  • Tony Berrett - for his patient, meticulous reading of the online database and the corrections he supplied, as well as many additional advertisements.
'Cupid', Caledonian Mercury,
31st August 1756
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