Port Queenston features


Wooden construction town buildings consist mainly of offices, apartments, trading premises, and basic houses for workers. A few buildings in the town can be entered and explored, but most have entrances and windows “blanked off” as there is very limited scope for representing furniture etc.

The Slave Market building is situated just south of the midpoint of the length of the dock. It has a stair up to a  smart office above and has wall plaques showing the teleport coordinates for “jumping” direct to each plantation or pen entrance. There is an auction platform outside on the dock.

Behind the Slave Market there are latticed wood pens for holding disembarked slaves and preparing them for auction.

Along the dockside front there are two substantial warehouses, described below under “Company Names”, one at the south end and one at the north. There is also a harbour office and a tavern, both north of the Slave Market. There is another warehouse behind the Slave Market. There are a few tables and chairs outside at the front of the tavern.

Workers houses are situated at the north and south sides of town, some to the north under construction.

On the west side of town, there is a church with tower and a plaza/shopping area in front of it. In the plaza is an open-air market, selling mainly fruit and vegetables.

The church and tower can be explored inside.

There are (square-wheeled!) carts on the dockside, some empty, some with loads, and throughout the streets there are blocks of wood (some just to represent rubbish and some arranged to look like public benches) and “bushes” to try to give an impression that the town is not deserted.

In Java versions There are signs at various points indicating the routes to plantations, beaches etc. Note too that a road going north from the north end of the dock travels round to the north east coast of Saint Lauretia island.


  1. Burntyre and Company

Warehouse storing casks of molasses, semi-refined sugar and rum. Situated at the south end of the dock area.

  1. Inglesay and Inglesay

Warehouse for bales of cotton. Situated at the north end of the dock area.

  1. Raddochson Merchants

Shopkeepers with large pair of outlets close to the church towards the west end of the square and open air market area.

  1. Morayman and Company

Slave Sales at the Slave Market

  1. Kinmair and Kinmair

Warehouse also holding casks of molasses and rum. Situated behind (to the west of) Burntyre and Company warehouse and the Slave Market pens.



(The limitations of Minecraft’s 3 metre by 3 metre blocks means that most features are based on imagination along with a few old pictures etc. Also attempt was made to make each ship a bit different from the others, partly to make exploring them more interesting ).

  1. Brookana (Ship’s colours: red

Docked right opposite the Slave Market, some of the features of this ship are based on the documented design of the Brooks.

Note that access to the slave deck and lower hold is by vertical ladder.

Access to the captain’s cabin is down stairs from the poop deck. Note shelves of books and maps, a sea chest and a proper bed.

Sometimes  the crew members erected temporary shelters on deck with hammocks etc. Other times a portion (separated from slaves by walls etc.) of the first lower-deck was reserved for crew.

Representation of cannon is shown on deck.

  1. Vigilmer (Ship’s colours: Lime green)

This ship is docked north of the Brookana and a few of the features are based on the documented design of the Vigilante.

The slave deck, with bare floor and one continuous shelf around the periphery is much the same as the one on Brookana.

Vigilmer has no poop deck and finding the captain’s cabin towards the stern is a bit difficult. It is reached by going down stairs near the stern on the port side then through several doors. It can also be accessed from the rear of the slave deck.

  1. Atlantica (Ship’s colours: Blue)

This ship is docked at the eastward-running dock to the north and is a cargo ship loading large bags of cotton into its upper hold using a swinging boom suspended from one of the masts.

The captain’s cabin is again towards the stern and is reached by routes similar to those on the Vigilmer.

  1. Sea Pride (Ship’s colours: Pink)

This ship is docked to the south of the Brooks, is similar in features to the Atlantica and is loading a cargo of casks of semi-refined sugar, of molasses and of rum.

  1. Liberty (Ship’s colours: Yellow)

This slave ship is docked at the eastward-running dock to the south. It has a poop deck and the captain’s cabin and a store room are under it at open deck level. Stairs go down from this store room into the lower hold.

The smaller slave deck, with store rooms at the rear, is accessed by stairs down from the open deck. It has three tiers of shelves that the slaves lie on in their shackles.

  1. Martinia (Ship’s colours: Orange)

This slave ship is moored in the bay and lies to the north of the Marianna. A large capacity, oar-propelled slave “canoe” has just left it and is heading to the dockside with its slave cargo for disembarkation.

The Martinia has a poop deck with the captain’s cabin under it on the starboard side. Under the poop deck on the port side is a cabin with stores in it, possibly for food preparation.

The Martinia also has three tiers of shelves for slaves but in darker wood than in the Marianna and this creates an eerier atmosphere.

  1. Amisdean (Ship’s colours: Black)

The Amisdean is moored near the mouth of the bay, to the north of the Martinia.

On this ship, based loosely on descriptions of the Amistad, slaves were held shackled on the open deck as well as on the plain deck below (no extra shelves).

The captain’s cabin is towards the starboard side, below the poop deck, with a door to the rear giving access to a stair on the port side leading up onto the poop deck, and access to a stair downwards with, half-way down, a door into the below-deck slave area and on further down into the lower hold.

In the bay, floating between the Amisdean and the shore, are four small rowing boats mainly used for transporting captain and crew from moored ships to land.

  1. Leviathan (Ship’s colours: Turquoise)

Out at sea lies the slave ship Leviathan which is a virtual replica of the Martinia, has a gloomy slave deck with three tiers of shelves, and would be pretty grim in a thunder and lightning storm.