Dalrada pen


This fairly  small pen lies to the east of the Rossinch plantation. This plantation lies beyond the Cairnie river to the south east and a signposted road on the south side of Port Queenston leads over a wooden bridge to the road in. The owner has a few acres of grass which are used to raise cattle and pigs. Dung is collected and sold to nearby plantations. Note the cart of dung on the road in.

The farmhouse is of wooden construction on stone brick foundations, has wooden floors and has a brick chimney and fireplace. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen with a stove with stovepipe and a pantry. There is also an outhouse with access from outside.

Other buildings include a small byre and a shed for animal feed storage.

There are two slave houses built with various woods (vertical log sections), covered with a variety of leaves, and maintained inadequately.

There are open fires outside for cooking.

These dwellings have bare-ground floors and straw is used for bedding.

The area surrounding the dwellings is scattered with some logs and bales of straw (for refreshing bedding).