The Saint Lauretia map is NOT for use as a game: it provides teachers and students with an unpopulated 3D platform to explore the world of slave trade-era Caribbean plantations.

Saint Lauretia is an unpopulated virtual environment, designed to introduce students to the landscape and environment of Middle Passage ships, a Caribbean port, and plantations and pens.

It has been developed and designed in consultation with educators and members of African and African-Caribbean community groups, with the goal of creating a platform for teachers to then use appropriate primary and secondary sources (some created for this resource) to teach students about racial slavery in appropriate and sensitive ways.

Read more about our process here.


Set on the fictional Caribbean island of St Lauretia, the Minecraft world provides a conflation of Jamaican and other Caribbean island plantations, with three different variations for students to explore. These have been researched and themed appropriately, and provide a unique perspective on the physical layout of the plantations, with representations of master’s houses, slave dwellings, crop fields, working areas, docks and the galleys that transported the slaves. There is also a smaller map with just a galley at sea, the slave trader Leviathan.

Minecraft can only impersonate conditions on these plantations, and could never hope to present the real hardship and degradation that the mainly African slaves had to endure in their transportation to, and working life on, these plantations. But we hope we have achieved a representation that, along with the accompanying primary and secondary sources, provides students with a visual model of what these plantations would have looked like. It is intended to complement work done in the classroom.

We have supplied information sheets, lesson plans, YouTube videos from renowned academics, and other resources so that even if you are unable to run the game in school, you will still find useful resources on our site.

Download St. Lauretia

Welcome to our download page! Here you will find links to download the St. Lauretia Minecraft world, depending on the version you run.

We recommend the Java Edition for the full experience – the other versions lack signs and can contain visual anomalies like white blocks appearing!

Be careful to download the correct world for you Minecraft version:

St. Lauretia World downloads

If your computer is running Minecraft: Java Edition, please click here.

If your computer is running Minecraft: 10 or Minecraft: Education Edition or Minecraft: Pocket Edition, please click here.


Fictional Disclaimer

This Minecraft world and its features have been designed as a composition of places that did exist throughout the 17th and 18th century Caribbean, but it is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places and locations are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.