Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century

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ON Wednesday the 2d of January Instant a Negro Man, by Name JOHN GIFT, absented himself from his Master, JOHN KIDDOLL’s Service, in Princess-Street, Rotherhith. Whomsoever will take him up, or cause the above to be taken and brought to the above John Kiddoll, shall receive Ten Guineas Reward, and reasonable Charges paid; he lately offered himself Cook on Board some Ship to the East or West Indies as a Freeman, though he is the real Property of the above Kiddoll, &c. If any Commander or Officer will secure him, they shall have the same Reward, with Thanks; but whosoever employs, entertains, or harbours the above Negro, shall be treated with as the Law directs. When he went away he had on a black Wig and Hat, a Snuff-coloured Coat, Green Waistcoat, and Black Breeches; he is about 38 Years of Age, has at present a Cold, with a Consumptive Cough, and of a yellow Complection, speaks good English, about 5 Feet 5 or 6 Inches high, and rather holds down his Head when he walks, but believe has changed his Name that he may not be apprehended.
  He will not be advertised any more.

Newspaper title:Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser
Newspaper region:South East England
Newspaper date:11 January 1765
Runaway date:2 January 1765
Page number:1
Institution:British Library: Burney Collection (Online)
Given name:John
Given surname:Gift
Also known as:-
Racial descriptor:Negro
Physical characteristics:of a yellow Complection, and rather holds down his Head when he walks
Disease:has at present a Cold, with a Consumptive Cough
Physical scars:-
Country marks:-
Plantation marks:-
Language:speaks good English
Specified occupation:Cook
Clothing:a black Wig and Hat, a Snuff-coloured Coat, Green Waistcoat, and Black Breeches
Accused of crime:no
Warning notice:yes
Ran from ship:
Ran from region:South East England
Ran from specified:Princess-Street, Rotherhith
Destination (region):South Asia; West Indies
Destination (specified):-
Owner:John Kiddoll
Owner occupation:-
Owner address:Princess-Street, Rotherhith
Name of contact:John Kiddoll
Contact occupation:-
Contact address:Princess-Street, Rotherhith
Value pounds:
Value shillings:
Value pence:
Total value:-
Reward pounds:10
Reward shillings:10
Reward pence:
Other reward:reasonable Charges
Total reward:Ten Guineas Reward, and reasonable Charges
Ad repeated in other newspapers:
Ad repeated:


Amended advert:yes
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