Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century

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Project Team

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dauvit Broun, Director, ArtsLab, University of Glasgow.
  • Mr. Graeme Cannon, Research Support Coordinator, Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.
  • Mr. Michael Murray, Head of Administration, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.
  • Claire Wood (Principal Teacher of History, Jordanhill School, Glasgow.

Advisory Board

  • Professor Sir Hilary McDonald Beckles, Vice Chancellor, University of the West Indies.
  • Prof. Christopher Brown, History Department, Columbia University, USA.
  • Prof. John W. Cairns, Edinburgh Law School, Edinburgh University.
  • Professor Catherine Hall, University College London.
  • Professor James Walvin, Emeritus Professor, University of York.
'Cupid', Caledonian Mercury,
31st August 1756
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